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Sustainability saying

“The only way to do great work
is to love what you do”
– Steve Jobs

Greening our Operations

Our entire company under the umbrella of The Events by Classic Group recognizes the need to be a part of the Green Economy and we are determined to contribute to a better environmentally aware community. Events can be wasteful of both food and resources, but over the past several years we have been working towards being more mindful of our purchases, practices and conservation efforts. Our goal for the next year is to implement many more “green” practices and to educate ourselves to find more ways to incorporate green practices.

General Events/Operations

  • Disposables are being replaced by re-usable, biodegradable and compostable products from Passion Purveyors, our local distributor of green goods
  • Recycling of aluminum & plastic
  • No styrofoam policy
  • Vehicles are carefully maintained and serviced for optimal efficiency (tuned up & tires full to improve fuel economy!)
  • Staff carpools often to offsite locations outside our local community
  • Reusing Florals for buffets/décor to cut down on waste, and making sustainable centerpieces available for events


  • Recycle 50 gallons of cooking oil annually
  • Our coffee is sourced from only Fair Trade roasters
  • Employ cross-utilization of vegetables to minimize food waste
  • Use only reusable 5 gallon containers for all drinking water – no individual plastic bottles are used

Office & Venues

  • Use printed paper for scraps & notes
  • Making more paper-free office systems by using more via email & viewing meeting documents on conference room monitor
  • Turning off monitors & lights when not in use
  • Recycling all ink cartridges and toners
  • Continued maintenance on our HVAC systems to keep them running at peak efficiency
  • Installed high efficiency hot water tanks at Venues and Office
  • Recycling of paper, cardboard, aluminum & plastic at venues & office
  • Use reusable products internally, including coffee cups, plates & flatware

As we strive to minimize our impact ecologically, we keep in mind that the benefits of practicing sustainability are numerous including a reduction in landfill waste, a decline in chemicals and toxins released into the atmosphere, and a decrease in energy consumption, in addition to many others.